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Catching Her Breath

“The Lord is my shepherd…He leads me beside quiet waters.” Psalm 23:1-2

KacieLong and lean, fifteen-year-old Kacie is an active teen and was involved in several sports and a member of her school’s debate team before coming to live at OBHC several months ago.

“When I was back at home, my volleyball team there actually beat the volleyball team that I’m on now,” Kacie says with a chuckle. “I qualified for regionals in debate, too, but my qualifications didn’t transfer with me when I moved here.”

Saddened by opportunities lost, but optimistic about the future, Kacie counts the fresh start she is enjoying at OBHC worth the cost and sacrifice.

“It actually wasn’t my idea to come here,” says Kacie, “but I’m glad I did. I needed to get away from all the drama and think about the choices I made that got me into the situation I was in so I won’t go there again. It’s also helped for my mom and me to have some time apart. We were fighting quite a bit, which is understandable, and now I can see a little bit of where she was coming from.”

While she and her mother work on their relationship, Kacie is enjoying getting to know her houseparents, Justin and Holly Harrison.

“They are a younger couple,” Kacie explains. “Like most of us here, they’ve made mistakes and have faced the same temptations that we have, so I think they relate to us more than someone who’s never gotten involved in anything they’ve regretted or made any big mistakes. When we get upset about something, they know how to cope with us without getting upset, too.”

“They like to hang out with us and do the same stuff we do,” Kacie continues. “They talk about random things with us and give us little treats when we’re good and follow rules and stuff. They’re involved, not just with us, but also with their son. Like, for instance, Holly said that on days Justin was working in the oil field, she and her son would spend the evenings on the trunk tailgate watching the cars pass and eating Hershey’s kisses while they waited for him. I thought that was cool. Also, one time it was their day off here at the cottage, and she spent it jumping on the trampoline with her son. Those kinds of things stand out to me.”

“Of course, they discipline their son, too,” says Kacie, raising her eyebrows. “If I ever get married and have kids, that’s the kind of parent I will be, involved and relaxed, but also structured. I think you have to have both to do a good job. Kids need boundaries, but you have to balance that out with fun.”

Watching Justin and Holly has also helped Kacie determine what kind of marriage she would like to have should God choose to bless her in that way.

“I’ve noticed that even when Justin and Holly get mad, they don’t argue,” says Kacie, admiration in her tone. “They just separate and figure it out, then come back together to talk about it later that night. I don’t like arguing. It’s good to know that some couples don’t.”

Although she is still deciding how to respond to the Gospel, Kacie appreciates the effort that her houseparents put into making sure that she knows the Bible basics and has the opportunity to grow spiritually if she chooses to do so.

“I was baptized at the same time as my mom,” Kacie says, “but I never asked Jesus into my heart. I still have doubts about doing that. I think maybe I’m resisting because everyone wants me to do it and I want to make sure it’s my decision, not someone else’s. Justin plans to become a pastor someday, so he does Bible studies with us. We started one not too long ago that will take us all the way from Genesis to Revelation.” Kacie laughs. “I guess if we finish, I’ll know just about everything I need to know, huh?”

Kacie has no idea what the future holds or what she wants to do with her life, but she appreciates the chance to step back, catch her breath, and regroup that OBHC donors have afforded her.

“They’re awesome!” Kacie says. “Because of them, I’ve gone on a lot of fun trips and gotten to know a lot of cool people that I would never have met otherwise. I don’t plan to stay at OBHC forever, but I am glad I came. One thing’s for sure, my life is better right now than it would have been if I hadn’t!”

March 2017

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