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OBHC Impact Stories

Impact stories are written about, and occasionally written by, our OBHC residents. In these stories, readers can discover how we are making a difference in the lives of these young people. If it were not for the generous, ongoing support we receive, none of this would be possible.

New stories are added each month, so check back for updates, and share them with your friends. The most recent stories are posted at the top.
Safe and Sound-read Avery's story

Safe and Sound

“What I probably like best about living here is feeling safe. We don't ever get scared or have to worry about how we're going to get places like school or work because they make sure we get transported wherever we need to go. I also get to eat my own food. That's nice.”

One Step at a Time-read Sherydan's story

One Step at a Time

“It's just better for me here. I have always been one to have big goals. I always want to do well. I realize that if I am going to achieve my goals, I have to put myself in a position to achieve them.”

The Pursuit of Happiness-read Autumn's story

The Pursuit of Happiness

Right now, Autumn is finding joy in the pursuit of her favorite activities. "I still love music with a passion. You know, it's scientifically proven music helps people emotionally. I also love learning math because problems always have an answer.”

A Warm Welcome-read Samantha's

A Warm Welcome

“I've been very happy here... even more than I expected. I was scared at first because I don't make friends very easily. I thought I'd be alone for a while, but my roommate was so nice and so welcoming.”

Air Force Bound-read Troy's story

Air Force Bound

Troy knows he has the caring Christian adults of OBHC, who have all taken an active interest in his life, to thank for much of the progress he's made over the years. "I feel like I'm ready for what comes next. OBHC helped get me ready."

Happy Surprises-read Brooklyn's story

Happy Surprises

“I didn't think I'd get to live with my mom, but then I found out I could, and I was really happy. I didn't know we'd be living with other families, but we had to. It turned out to be a good thing. The other adults have helped my mom a lot.”

Endless Possibilities-read Luke's story

Endless Possibilities

“I was so glad when Mom interviewed and we got to come here to OBHC," says Luke, relief in his expression. "I've got a roof over my head and my mom doesn't have to worry about so many bills. It's nice not to have to stress about that for a while.”

So Much Joy-read Kristin's story

So Much Joy

“I try to be responsible everyday. I also know what good parenting looks like. I really like the way they talk to their kids really calmly, even though there are four of them! They’re just easy to be around.”

Much, Much Better-read Miley's story

Much, Much Better

Miley is comforted with living at Children’s Hope. “It’s fun, and it’s just…calmer,” Miley continues, exhaling her relief. “My mom reads her Bible a lot here. It makes her happier, and that makes me happier.”

Surrounded by Family-read Tim's story

Surrounded by Family

“It’s fun living here. One of my new brothers, Josh, helps me. He tells me right from wrong. There’s another guy, too, that’s my brother and he watches and takes care of me. Then Blake, Fernando and I are big brothers to the other guys and help them with stuff.”

So Much More-read Seth's story

So Much More

“There are a lot of special people here. They made me feel safe when I didn’t feel safe and helped me become a Christian when I was eleven. I would have been in a lot more fights if I hadn’t done that.”

Back on Track-read Gunnar's story

Back on Track

“I’m starting to see that... everyone is wrong sometimes. Everyone makes mistakes. You have to admit it for the greater good and just walk away. You have to communicate and be honest about yourself so God can do what He needs to do.”

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