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OBHC Impact Stories

Impact stories are written about, and occasionally written by, our OBHC residents. In these stories, readers can discover how we are making a difference in the lives of these young people. If it were not for the generous, ongoing support we receive, none of this would be possible.

New stories are added each month, so check back for updates, and share them with your friends. The most recent stories are posted at the top.
Working Hard-read Fernando's story

Working Hard

“For me, having electricity all the time and being able to keep food, or being able to read and do my homework without worrying if the flashlight has batteries, that’s a big deal. A stable environment makes all the difference.”

Raising the Bar-read Teagan's story

Raising the Bar

“When we’re sad, they’re like a normal mom and dad and try to cheer us up by playing around. I’ve never really had that before. If it’s serious, though, or we just need to talk to them about something, Mrs. Williams will go to the prayer room with us to talk and give us good advice.”

Taking Full Advantage-read Kaylynn's story

Taking Full Advantage

“I’m surrounded by people who keep me safe and focused on God. I like it. They’ve taught me I don’t have to be angry at the world. The world can’t actually make me mad. That’s my choice. I don’t always make the right decision, but they are there to listen to me and help me through it."

Joyful-read Kihley's story


“Those people—who we don’t even KNOW—give us all the stuff we need and even some stuff we don’t need, like toys,” Kihley says. “I’m really glad they do, and I would say thank you if I saw them.”

Doing the Work-read Angel's story

Doing the Work

Angel is anxious to show her mother how much she has improved and knows she has her houseparents to thank for helping her make progress. “I already know a lot of what they’re teaching us,” Angel admits. “It’s not really new, but I needed to start focusing on it.”

Dreaming Big Dreams-read Kayleen's story

Dreaming Big Dreams

With the encouragement of her associate houseparents, Kayleen began to dream again. “I remember they would stay up until midnight with me talking about life and what I wanted to do with mine. They got me thinking. I enrolled in school and set financial and family goals.”

Full of Hope-read Felisha's story

Full of Hope

“The minute I walked into a cottage, my worries disappeared and I felt nothing but relief and safety. I thought, ‘This is amazing. This is good. I can do this.’ I decided right then to grit my teeth and go to church.”

Mentor in the Making-read Eva's story

Mentor in the Making

Although challenging at times, Eva has found life with a cottage full of girls her own age to be a real blessing. “It’s nice to be around other people who, even though they haven’t gone through the exact same things, have similar backgrounds and can encourage you.”

A Good Start-read April's story

A Good Start

“I was terrified at first... Pretty soon, I got used to things. I figured out who was who, made some friends, and learned the rules. I’d never really had rules before, so that was new and kind of annoying, but it was also good for me.”

Catching Her Breath - read Kacie's story.

Catching Her Breath

“It actually wasn’t my idea to come here,” says Kacie, “but I’m glad I did. I needed to get away from all the drama and think about the choices I made that got me into the situation I was in so I won’t go there again.”

Bully to Bully - read Linda's story.

Bully to Buddy

“They do a good job of making me feel important, like I was meant to be here, and that helps my self-esteem. With them, I feel welcome, wanted and comfortable. They’ve made this home for me.”

Seizing Every Opportunity - read Zoe's story

Seizing Every Opportunity

For now, Zoe is content to continue growing and learning at OBHC. “When my grandmother first brought this place up, I didn’t like the idea. I do think I’d like to stay at least a year, though, just to stay on the right track and see what other new things I can try.”

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