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OBHC Impact Stories

Impact stories are written about, and occasionally written by, our OBHC residents. In these stories, readers can discover how we are making a difference in the lives of these young people. If it were not for the generous, ongoing support we receive, none of this would be possible.

New stories are added each month, so check back for updates, and share them with your friends. The most recent stories are posted at the top.
Singing With Strangers-read Tabitha's story

Singing with Strangers

“Christmas shopping and spending money and getting things may be Christmas to some people, but they never meant much to me. Just give me a bunch of moments like that one, crying and singing with people about Jesus being born! I don’t need anything else!” 

Doing His Best-read Marquese' story

Doing His Best

“I used to be in a group home before here,” Marquese begins. "It helped me deal with my own stuff better... I told my mom that I wanted to go to another place like that where I could be around kids my age, but in a family environment, and she found this place for me.”

Staying the Course-read Torren's story

Staying the Course

“This is the second time I’ve lived here,” Torren explains. “The first time, I stayed for a year and a half and did really well, but when I went home again, I missed the routine, the structure, so I came back.”

Doing Great-read Athena's story.

Doing Great

Thirteen-year-old Athena is glad to be living at OBHC and thankful that she doesn’t have to leave any time soon. “I love it here,” she says, her expression serious. “I love everything about it, the trips, the donors, the mission trips, and my houseparents, all of it. It’s good for me!”

Loved and Remembered-read Breonna's story

Loved and Remembered

Eager to express sincere thanks for the love, support, and guidance she has received, serious, but soft-hearted Breonna skips the small talk and cuts right to the chase. “I came here because I had nowhere else to go,” she says, unblinking.

A Fresh Start-read Shane's story-

A Fresh Start

Born Sasha, fourteen-year-old Shane recently experienced a struggle common among young people who spend a significant portion of their early years in Russian orphanages. “My parents adopted me when I was four,” Shane begins.

Doing Big Things-read Dashawn's story

Doing Big Things

“When I won my first conference in track when I was thirteen, well, that was mind-blowing.” Although Dashawn enjoys athletic competition, he doesn’t plan to make a career out of sports. “I’m into fashion. I want to have a shop in Edmond and sell big clothing names.”


Working Hard and Loving It

“Music is my favorite class... my choir is like a family to me.” When asked if she likes school, Maleya responds, “Why would someone not like school? It’s interesting to work hard and learn things... hard work feels good, doesn’t it?”

Karen Duncan and Ty’Cha Pullen

Sweet Girl

“When I first found out I was pregnant, I was worried, but this little girl has been a blessing. I was on the road to somewhere else, but I found a brand new family because of her, my Hope family. They love me. I feel it every time I walk in the door.”


Just the Facts

“I wasn’t doing very well with my aunt,” Terin says. “She thought it would be best for me to come here, and she was right... When I grow up, I want to be like my houseparents. They are really patient and willing to help us with anything.”

Set Free-read Audra and Emilys story

Set Free

Thanks to the vigilance of a family acquaintance, sisters Emily and Audra were given a second chance at a happy life and have now found a home where they feel comfortable enough to laugh and dance and sing in front of a complete stranger. “We are safe here,” says Emily.


Heading in the Right Direction

“I thought it was going to be like a prison, but the first day we were here, I realized how fun it was... I have friends here, and they have programs, things you can actually go out and do and be busy. I get to fish, hunt, show horses, all kinds of stuff. We go to church, too.”

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