Hope Received, Babies Saved, Lives Changed for Eternity

Kristina* had just left her doctor’s office. During her visit, she discovered she was pregnant. Scared, angry and in disbelief over this unplanned pregnancy, she thought an abortion was her only option. Seeking to make an appointment, she googled “abortion,” but what she found…was hope.
Unfortunately, many people today are led to believe the only way to erase the problem of an unplanned pregnancy is by ending the life of the child. However, because of those who choose to make a difference for life, Hope Pregnancy Centers can place a message of hope in front of those who are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Past supporters have allowed Hope to be there for men and women in crisis to comfort, support and show them they have life-affirming options.

When Kristina googled abortion, Hope Pregnancy Center’s website,, was one of the first results. She decided to make an appointment with Hope and was met with compassion and respect. She was given factual information about all her pregnancy options, from parenting, to placing the baby for adoption, to the untold truths of abortion. Kristina was very emotional and did not want to tell her family she was pregnant. However, before she left, she scheduled an ultrasound to find out how far along she was in her pregnancy.

Mother and baby

Returning for her ultrasound, Kristina was able to see her baby on the screen for the first time. She did not see some random clump of cells, rather she saw her baby, his arms and legs moving, as well as his heart beating. Right then, something amazing happened! This image of the life God was knitting together inside her changed her heart! It immediately gave her the courage to choose life and tell her parents about her pregnancy! What made this moment even more amazing was Kristina prayed to receive Jesus into her heart!

Kristina’s story is unique to her, yet the life or death decision she struggled with is repeated by thousands of men and women each year. Sadly, abortions in Oklahoma have increased 10% as two new abortion clinics have opened in our state since 2016. It is more critical now than ever to increase the opportunities for women and men dealing with an unplanned pregnancy to encounter a message of hope so they can choose life.

Your support makes it possible to position life-affirming alternatives to abortion, provide important educational information as well as share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Kristina said, “I’m glad I came to Hope, it’s a great place. I received so much support at Hope! My volunteer not only cared about me and the baby, but she cared about my spiritual life too.”

Kristina received another huge blessing in her life – her son was born last year on Christmas Eve. What a beautiful Christmas gift given to her and this world. This #GivingTuesday, would you consider supporting something that impacts the lives of children and families?

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*Kristina’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.