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Forgiven & Set FreeAbortion Hurts. God Heals.

Hurting from an abortion?
There is hope!

Do you experience these thoughts:

  • Struggle to turn off the feelings connected to your abortion(s), trying to tell yourself over and over again to forget about it?
  • Afraid others will find out you've had an abortion(s)?
  • Difficulty in accepting God's forgiveness or forgiveness in general?

God loves you and wants to see you restored – He offers healing and forgiveness. His desire is that you experience the abundant life He has promised. Do you sense God prompting you to talk to someone about your abortion experiences? God works miracles in the lives of the courageous women who say yes.

Each Hope Pregnancy Center offers a safe & confidential environment for a twelve week Bible study called Forgiven & Set Free.

Call the center nearest you for class information:

Ardmore 580.223.7232
Edmond 405.330.0200
North OKC 405.755.5433
South OKC 405.688.8700
Tulsa 918.622.3325

Other pregnancy centers across our state offer Forgiven & Set Free or similar classes – pregnancynet.org

Five women who found healing at Hope.
Five courageous women who said yes to God's invitation to come and find the healing they never dreamed was possible.


Kathy WilliamsWhen I first called Hope Pregnancy Center in 2014, I was broken and felt completely hopeless. My daughter told me of an abortion recovery program offered at Hope called Forgiven and Set Free; she thought it might help me. I wanted to ignore her suggestion, but I desperately needed help to find the forgiveness Jesus offered. I didn’t know what to do… I was hopeless.

Let me back-up several decades. Just a few years after I asked Jesus to save me, I had an abortion. I made the decision to abort my first child instead of facing my parents with the truth of my actions. Did I fully realize what I was doing? No. Did I pray about my decision? No. Did I have anyone or anyplace I could go to for help? I didn’t think so. I took the “easy way out.” And it did seem easy. Until I got happily pregnant with my next child.

Being pregnant was when I began to understand what I had done. How could I have had an abortion? How could a Christian do something like that? Would God forgive me? How could He forgive me? Maybe God would punish me by taking my baby.

Through the years and a second pregnancy, I took myself to the altar many, many times to ask for God’s forgiveness, but the guilt and the shame always returned. I thought: Maybe I am not saved, and back to the altar I’d go. I would give up for a while, refusing to even think about my salvation because I believed God couldn’t love me. Then a sermon or a verse would tell of God’s love and His good promises and I would try again. Maybe I can be good enough. Maybe I can deny myself friends or nice things. Maybe I can punish myself and God will feel sorry for me. But nothing worked! I would feel good for a couple of weeks or months and then something would happen in my life and the cycle would begin again. Shame! Guilt! Self-loathing! No Hope of Salvation! No Hope!

When I finally called Hope Pregnancy Center to speak with someone, I was scared to death! I had never spoken openly about “the abortion” to anyone. But the young lady on the phone said, “Honey, I know exactly what you are going through. I’ve been right where you are and it will be alright.” And it was alright.

Forgiven and Set Free taught me about the true character of our amazing God and helped me face the truth of my actions in His sight. This Bible study helped me accept what I had done, and helped me forgive others that contributed to my decision. I am so thankful for the facilitator and women that walked through the study with me and helped me to openly acknowledge my first child. Forgiven and Set Free helped me face my Savior, trusting in His faithfulness. Forgiven and Set Free taught me how to openly repent of my sins – not just the sin of abortion, but also the sins that lead up to the abortion. And finally, Forgiven and Set Free taught me through the truth of God’s Word how to fully receive HIS beautiful gift of forgiveness. I now have hope because I am saved and I have been truly set free!

Isn’t God wonderful? Praise His Holy Name!
By the end of my class, I understood fully why I had struggled against God for 43 years; I was only focused on what I had done instead of what Jesus had done for me. When I could truly accept the TRUTH and received God’s gift of forgiveness my heart soared with joy. There is joy, joy, joy…in my heart. And then my heart turned to all the other women that have not found forgiveness in Christ. It became my desire to be a part of the Abortion Recovery Ministry at Hope. God is so gracious and full of mercy. In 2015, He blessed me with the opportunity to facilitate the Forgiven and Set Free Bible studies at Hope Pregnancy Center North. And I have witnessed MIRACLES! The classes have been small, only 2 or 3 in each group, but God’s healing has been huge! One beautiful woman accepted Christ as her Savior during the class. Three other precious women have gone on to share their stories publicly after years of secrecy. All of these beautiful ladies have received God’s healing and have great joy in their hearts as they serve Christ. These ladies and their stories have become a part of my heart.

2Corinthians 1:3-4 (NLT)
All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.

Thank you for listening to my story. Thank you for caring about women like me. And thank you for giving us Hope.

by Kathy Williams

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