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From the President: Transitional Living

First printed in the May 2006 Legacy
Over the years, we have learned that we have more opportunity to effectively help young children when they come to us at an early age. Tragically, we receive a large number of calls from aging grandparents who have the responsibility of caring for their grandchildren and are physically unable to do so. Many times the children have already been exposed to circumstances that no child should experience.

As we seek to help children at a younger age, we are finding tremendous opportunities through our Transitional Living Services.  These include the Adolescent Mother and Child Program (for teenage mothers who have a child), Young Mother and Child Program (for young or expectant mothers over the age of 18), and our Independent Living Program (for young people from our four residential campuses who have graduated from high school and are making the transition to the next stage of their lives).

Left to right: Richard Thompson; Nicole and her mother, Kim; and Patty Thompson pose in front of the newest Transitional Duplex in Oklahoma City.

We are experimenting with these programs which have high goals and expectations of helping small children by teaching their mothers to be capable parents and of helping young people as they make the transition to college or vocational training and capable, caring Christian adulthood. The three children on the front of this newsletter are all living with their mothers in the Transitional Duplexes at the Oklahoma City campus.

There are now Independent Living apartments on each campus. Our Adolescent Mother and Child Program and Young Mother and Child Program began in Tulsa and now our Oklahoma City campus has similar services.

The fourth Transitional Duplex at the Oklahoma City campus was dedicated on May 15. These duplexes were a gift to the Baptist Children's Home from Richard and Patty Thompson of Oklahoma City. The first duplex was completed in 2002.

I am very thankful for caring people like the Thompsons who share their resources so that small children, single mothers, and young people can have a place to call home with a safe and nurturing environment. I am thankful that Oklahoma Baptists continue to help the children in OBHC care even after they graduate from high school.

These young people are part of our family, and we are privileged to be involved in their lives as they enter adulthood. Please pray that God will guide them in the choices they make as they become tomorrow's leaders.

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