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Children’s Hope Celebrates Five Years

Published in the Baptist Messenger - July 26, 2012

Begun in 2007 as a ministry of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, Children’s Hope is a program in which children live on the campus of the Baptist Children’s Home in Oklahoma City with their own mothers who are 18 years of age or older. A child in this program has the hope of staying with his or her own mother while she learns to be a better parent and receives education/vocational training. Each mother in Children’s Hope makes a commitment to improve her parenting skills through training and guidance from OBHC staff.

The program not only benefits children, but also mothers experiencing difficult or challenging situations. After researching similar programs at Baptist Children’s Homes in other states, Rod Phillips, the campus administrator and OBHC Vice President for Program, launched Children’s Hope with the help of an alumna of the Baptist Children’s Home, Lola Hambrick, a retired registered nurse and nurse instructor. The first single mother cottage opened five years ago with a live-in Family Advisor as a mentor, coach, instructor, and role model for single mothers as they put their lives back together for the sake of their children.

There are several advantages to this new program:

The Best Use of Older Cottages - The older cottages on the Oklahoma City campus were designed to meet the needs of children who required less supervision than the children coming to the campus today. These cottages work very well with the Children’s Hope program where mothers supervise their own children. The new state-of-the art Thompson/Wynn Cottage, a double cottage, facilitates close supervision for children in basic care.

Wise Stewardship of Funds - Because Children’s Hope cottages are staffed by a single Family Advisor, the cost of care is significantly less than basic care cottages, allowing OBHC to make wise use of limited dollars. A donor has given a designated gift which will operate two Children’s Hope cottages for two years.

Helping More Children - Providing care for mothers and children allows OBHC to provide help for more residents. In 1988, the campus had a capacity of 48 children.With the addition of the Thompson/Wynn Cottage, transitional living duplexes, and the conversion of six cottages to Children’s Hope, the campus now has a capacity of 80 residents (basic care children and Children’s Hope single mothers and their children).

OBHC president, Tony Kennedy, says, “The Oklahoma City campus will certainly have a different look with six Children’s Hope cottages and two basic residential cottages, but our mission has not changed. Our mission continues to help children become capable, caring Christian adults by sharing Christ’s love and providing hope and homes for children. Only the methods have changed, not the mission.”

Rod Phillips states, “Since I came to the campus in 1988, God has almost doubled the services on the Oklahoma City campus. We serve an awesome God.”

June 29, 2012

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