Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children



2003 Marks 100th Anniversary

Over 100 years ago, a baby was heard crying and found abandoned in a wagon in Pauls Valley. She was taken to Mrs. J.A. Scott in Oklahoma Station (now Oklahoma City). Mrs. Scott was caring for another young girl, whose mother was dying. These orphaned children, Annabelle and Gladys, because the legacy of love and the beginning of the child care ministry of Oklahoma Baptists in 1903.

In the early days of the Baptist Orphans' Home, hands and hearts of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters joined together to share fruits and vegetables they had canned. The also gave eggs and chickens to help feed the children.

100th Anniversary of Baptist Children's Home, Oklahoma City
50th Anniversary of Boys Ranch Town
30th Anniversary of Baptist Children's Home, Owasso
25th Anniversary of Baptist Home for Girls, Madill

Baptist Girls Home Fund-raiser
Celebrates 100 Years of Caring
Article: - Sunday Ardmoriete

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