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Animal Learning Center at Boys Ranch Town

Construction began in October, 2002 on the Animal Learning Center at Boys Ranch Town. The 6,000-square-foot facility will provide a place for boys to study animal science and apply what they learn to life. The center is a gift from the late Raymond Young of Oklahoma City. It will contain a classroom, an arena, and exhibition enclosures.

Mr. Young, cofounder of TG&Y stores, passed away in March of this year at the age of 98. He, a longtime friend of Boys Ranch Town, grew up in Stillwater and held strong opinions about the value of work and especially work with livestock.

Tony Kennedy, OBHC president, says, "In visiting with Ray, it was very clear that he had very positive memories of his early years in rural Stillwater and of learning responsibility and self-reliance through working on the farm. We have found that working with farm animals is a very effective way to teach caring and responsibility. This center will be used year-round as a place for guests, especially young children, to visit and be able to handle a variety of animals."

Boys Ranch Town has a history of involvement with church preschools, and VBS groups making field trips to the Ranch. These activities have been mutually beneficial to the children who visit and the boys who conduct the tours and interact with the children. The BRT Petting Zoo receives visits from many church groups throughout the year and travels to churches, retirement centers, and community events.

The Animal Learning Center was completed in the spring of 2003.

BRT Animal Learning Center
Boys Ranch Town Animal Learning Center - June, 2003
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