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1993 to 2002

Jack Kimbler Honored for "Building a Legacy"

Jack Kimbler, a member of OBHC’s Board of Trustees and First Baptist Church, Edmond, was honored at the State Capitol Building on April 30. On behalf of "Leave a Legacy Oklahoma," Governor and Mrs. Frank Keating presented Mr. Kimbler with the 2001 "Building a Legacy" Award for his professional efforts in charitable giving in the State of Oklahoma.

Present at the Leave a Legacy awards ceremony, Tony Kennedy, OBHC president, expressed appreciation and admiration for Mr. Kimbler on personal and professional levels. "Jack and his wife, Lila, have been a personal inspiration to my wife, Sheryl, and me," said Mr. Kennedy.

For Jack and Lila Kimbler, building a legacy has required steadfastness, faith, and a willing spirit to obey God and follow His leadership. Growing up in poor families, Jack and Lila have a strong belief that "those of us who have been blessed are responsible for helping others."

In Jack Kimbler’s professional life, he has built a legacy one client at a time. By being steadfast to consider each client’s desires, Mr. Kimbler has proven his professional integrity. As a financial planner, Mr. Kimbler is able to advise clients on ways they can arrange their estate plan through charitable remainder trusts, so that each client can leave a legacy of giving long after death.

The Communities Foundation of Oklahoma along with the Oklahoma Council for Planned Giving recognizes charitable work in Oklahoma and created "Leave a Legacy" Day at the state capitol. This special day began with the awards ceremony where three awards were presented. The "Building a Legacy" award was given to Mr. Jack Kimbler for his role as a professional financial planner who has contributed to planned giving in Oklahoma. Also honored were Bob Funk and Jim and Christy Everest.

Mr. Bob Funk was honored with the "Living a Legacy" award, recognizing a person who made an important personal contribution to Oklahoma charities. Mr. and Mrs. Funk actively give to multiple charities, including Children’s Miracle Network and Oklahoma Baptist University.

Jim and Christy Everest were given the "Beginning a Legacy" award, honoring an unheralded charity or foundation successful in finding and filling a need. Memorial gifts honoring their teenage son, Jimmy, who died of cancer, funded the Jimmy Everest Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital.

Following the press conference, participants in "Leave a Legacy" attended a luncheon, hosted by First Lady Cathy Keating, at the Phillips Pavilion on the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion. Later that afternoon, the State Senate formally declared April 30 as "Leave a Legacy Day" in the State of Oklahoma.

In addition to his professional support of charitable giving, Mr. Kimbler is a financial contributor to Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. He and his wife have strongly supported Boys Ranch Town. The Kimblers secured the funding for a Boys Ranch Town cottage now named the Kimbler Cottage. As a member of the OBHC Board of Trustees, Mr. Kimbler contributes time as well as money. Mr. Kimbler says, "I believe the Bible’s admonition that to whom much has been given, much is required. Lila and I believe this includes assets as well as time."

"Jack Kimbler is an accomplished financial advisor who motivates his clients to make charitable gifts through their estate plans because he believes in the blessings of giving," said Mr. Kennedy.

Mr. Kimbler also serves as Advisor to the Board of Trustees for the Aerospace Science Technology Center, Inc. His primary responsibility with ASTEC, Inc. is to help with financial events, find donors, watch the income and expenses of the organization, and be a positive influence for the board and staff. Because of his belief in both ASTEC, Inc. and Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, Mr. Kimbler provides scholarships for several children from OBHC to attend the summer space camps offered by ASTEC, Inc. "Because of the training content and approach of ASTEC, I know that the young people who go there will be better students and better citizens," says Mr. Kimbler.

OBHC President Tony Kennedy lauds Kimbler for his support of the space camp program. Mr. Kennedy commented, "Jack Kimbler is an innovative leader urging children in the care of OBHC to participate in the ASTEC summer space camp. Programs such as this put our children on the cutting edge of learning and the children love it!"

ASTEC’s Space Camp is a fun, exciting, and often life-changing experience for the children. Campers are divided into squadrons who work together as a team during the week. Squadrons are awarded team points as a group based on teamwork communication, and their use of attributes like critical thinking, creative thinking, integrity, leadership, and service. During the camp, students participate in classes on rocketry, robotics, astronomy, and other aerospace subjects that are taught in a fun, non-traditional way.

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