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The Blessing of Giving - Jack Kimbler

Comments on giving by Jack Kimbler
Article first printed in the "Legacy" - Fall, 1997

On Sunday, August 3, 1997, the Kimbler Cottage was dedicated at Boys Ranch Town. The cottage is named after Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kimbler of Edmond with major contributions provided by Mr. Jim Relyea, Ms. Glenna Hargrove, and Ms. Buena Daughtery.

Following are highlights from Mr. Kimbler's speech at the dedication ceremony:

"It doesn't take much understanding to know that all things get built. It appears that the building is done by cities, by states, by conventions and foundations. None of these entities build anything! All the building is done by people. First, there are the thinkers, the idea people. Second are those who build with their hands. Third is the money. It doesn't make any difference how smart we are with ideas, how many willing hands we have, and how much money is available unless all three work together to 'make it happen.'"

"It's the Dad's and Mom's, the grandfathers and grandmothers, the uncles and aunts, who not only give, but have taught us to give - actually instilled in us the need to give. When you think about it, God was not put in a position to require our help. He chose to put us in a position to be blessed by what we do. Our commitments to be good stewards is a reflection of our belief in the sufficiency of God's plentiful bounty and our dependency."

"I started the process of giving and asking others to participate. Some gave a little - like my employees who gave birthday and Christmas gifts in my name. Some gave a lot. There are four who gave more than the others: Mr. Jim Relyea is the youngest. He is a computer expert retired from Seagate. Most of all his philanthropic gifts, outside of his church, involve helping young people. Ms. Glenna Hargrove is the mother of four. She has never missed an opportunity to be used by others, maybe overused, but at least willing. Mrs. Buena Daughtery has been an educator since 1923. She's also my oldest account. She started with us in 1937. She is 92 and still giving."

"The next person would not have her picture for the plaque. She said she had reached an age when she could do whatever she wants to. Ms. Kathryn is 97 and she continues to add monthly to her growth fund for her old age."

"It's interesting to note that the givers come from several religious backgrounds - Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian and Baptist - but with a similar goal: build a building to educate boys and give them a home. It's also interesting to note that they have all taken care of their own churches first, then God provided them more to give someplace else."

"There are two commands with promises about giving I want to share with you. In Luke, we're told, 'give, then it will be given to us: pressed down, running over, full measure and in kind.' In Malachi, God says, 'put Me to the test - give and see whether or not I can be out-given.' We never give to get, but because we give, God, who owns it all, is benevolent and gives to us."

"In closing, a reminder: we're all examples. There's never a time when I'm not an example. It's either good or bad. Then, sometimes, we're used as a catalyst to get others to act. My parents were examples of giving. I want to be remembered as a giver, not a building, as nice as it may be. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to honor all of you for your help in the Baptist Child Care ministry."

Jack Kimbler Honored - "Building a Legacy"

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