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1963 to 1972

Tubbs Estate

Tubbs Estate will assist in construction of activities building at Boys Ranch Town.

First printed in the "Care 'N Share" - April, 1970

Mrs. Ida Mae Tubbs (1892-1968) learned about Boys Ranch Town on December 15, 1962, and immediately expressed her concern. She read a story in the Norman Transcript about the Ranch needing additional funds to build the Trades Educational Buildings. She asked M. Judson Cook, Director of Public Relations and Development to visit with her and arrangements were made for a gift of $30,000.

In subsequent meetings Mrs. Tubbs saw her need for some planning in her estate. After a series of meetings with Cook, she went to see her attorney, Mr. Erman S. Price, who wrote the will spelling out her desires and intentions. Last month the estate was closed and Cook, who served as executor of the will, turned over to the Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma in excess of $255,000 to be managed for an eventually disbursed to Boys Ranch Town. The estate consists of savings accounts, stocks, bonds, and real estate.

The Child Care Committee of the Board of Directors met March 5 at Boys Ranch Town. The Committee voted to recommend to the Board that the ready funds (savings accounts) which amount to approximately $110,000, to be applied to funds for the construction of the Activities Building at the Ranch. This money will be invested and earn additional money until such time sufficient funds are available and construction can begin.

The building will consist of gymnasium floor, stage, library, specially equipped classrooms, room for crafts, office for activities director, equipment room and storage. Visits are being made to other institutions who already have such facilities by Charles T. Boldin, Superintendent, to study and observe so that no mistakes will be made in planning.

The same building is needed at the Baptist Children's Home. No funds are available at this time for the building on the Children's Home campus. However there is something in the mill, and an announcement will be made in the near future that will encourage everyone to help in a financial way.

Funds are now being accepted on both of these buildings. When you make your contribution mark your check plainly so that it can be determined which one it is to help.

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