Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


1963 to 1972

Tom Lucas

Tom LucasSome twenty years before the Lucas Cottage was built, Mr. Tom Lucas showed his interest in child care by remembering the Children's Home as he made his will. For several years he gave the rent of his farms to them. Then he decided to do something in this life that he could see at the Home, so he deeded two farms to them. They were sold and the money was to be used in the construction of the cottage, and he would add more as needed.

Tom Lucas lived in a small house outside of Port, Oklahoma, built by his ancestors in 1897. He first lived in a dugout. He was a farmer and took great interest in soil conservation and was Chairman of Supervisors of the North Fork of Red River Soil and Water Conservation District.

A landowner and successful farmer, Lucas was frugal with the money he made. He was a kind and generous man who loved children and decided to invest his earnings in their future. He donated his farm to the Baptist Children’s Home, as well as a cash gift of $100,000. The money was used to build the Tom Lucas Cottage. He was present for the dedication on October 6, 1968, and he died six years later on September 28, 1974.

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