Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


1963 to 1972

Dr. Lowell Milburn

Dr. Lowell MilburnDr. Lowell Milburn became the executive director of the Department of Child Care in 1969. Pastor of First Baptist Church, Shawnee, for 13 years, Milburn wanted to do something more personal with his ministry. “I wanted to help people, especially little children. That made child care work a natural for me - to do tangible ministry in the name of Christ. It is a way of putting clothing on our words, turning our preaching into deeds,” he said.

During Milburn’s administration, the program went through several organizational changes and expansions, including the addition of Children’s Homes in Madill and Owasso. Under his leadership, the department experienced an increase in cash gifts and endowment.

Dr. Lowell MilburnA highly sought pulpit speaker, Milburn stirred the hearts of many to support the child care ministry. He became noted at Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma board meetings for using “just a word” to tell his heart-tugging stories of children’s work. His warm tales at meetings and during sermons in churches around the state garnered strong support for the ministry.

Milburn served as Executive Director of the department for nearly two decades before retiring in December 1987.

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