Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


1963 to 1972

Anderson Cottage

The Children's Home received a bequest in Mr. Oatley Anderson's will, making it possible to build the cottage in his memory. It was planned for a family-type home for six boys and six girls of various ages, but containing families of children so that they would not be separated from each other. First houseparents were Mr. and Mrs. Olen B. Constant. The cottage was dedicated October 1968.

Anderson Cottage
Mr. Anderson, a pioneer of Grady County, furniture store owner, farmer and stockman, died at the age of 89. He had a deep desire to be helpful to others for he left bequests to five churches in Chickasha and one in Indiana. Also, he remembered three Children's homes, as well as the Oklahoma Society for Crippled Children. Mr. Anderson not only took care of his family, but looked forward to caring for others in succeeding generations.
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