Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


1963 to 1972

Child Care Changes

The 1960s brought change through the nation and the child care ministry adapted to meet the changing needs of children.

Tom Lucas

He was a kind and generous man who loved children and decided to invest his earnings in their future.

Dr. Lowell Milburn

Dr. Lowell Milburn became the executive director of the Department of Child Care in 1969. Milburn served as Executive Director of the department for nearly two decades before retiring in December 1987.

Cattle Donations

Farmers and ranchers round the state began donating cattle to feed the children at the Children’s Home and Boys Ranch Town in the 1960s.

Tubbs Estate

Mrs. Ida Mae Tubbs read a story in the Norman transcript about Boys Ranch Town needing additional funds to build the Trades Educational Buildings.

Anderson Cottage

Mr. Oatley Anderson was a pioneer of Grady County, furniture store owner, farmer and stockman. Anderson Cottage was built on the Children's Home Campus in 1968.

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