Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


1953 to 1962

Cottage Dedications

Rinard Cottage, 1956 - Oklahoma City

The Rinard Cottage dedicated in 1956 was a memorial gift by Mrs. John D. Rinard, Ada, in honor of her husband, who died December 1953.  He was a deacon of the first Baptist Church of Ada. At the time of the dedication the cottage housed five-and-six-year-old boys and girls, four older girls and three adult employees.

Rinard Cottage-1956

George Cottage, 1956 - Oklahoma City

By a gift through wills from Drs. James and Maude George of Oklahoma City, this building was constructed. The Georges were members of the First Baptist Church, Oklahoma City. At the time of the dedication the cottage housed high school age boys.

George Cottage-1956

Howard Cottage, 1962 - Boys Ranch Town

The late Dr. R.C. Howard, Sr. was pastor of the Kelham Avenue Baptist Church of Oklahoma City for 23 years. During his ministry his church established 23 missions, many of which have grown into flourishing churches. He was vitally interested in every phase of Baptist work and took active leadership for every cause and institution. Howard Cottage was replaced with a more modern, safe design for children in the 90's.

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