Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


1953 to 1962

Charles and Ellen Boldin

Ellen and Charles BoldinCharles and Ellen Boldin impacted more than 900 young boys’ lives in their 26 years at Boys Ranch Town. The couple came to the ranch in 1956 and poured their lives into the program to see boys transformed from feeling worthless to becoming confident and capable. During his tenure as Boys Ranch Town Superintendent, Charles Boldin helped develop a successful program of care for young boys in the state.

While Boldin was superintendent, the Ranch grew from one cottage to three cottages, an administration building, two trade buildings, a bus barn, corrals, an education-recreation building, commissary, and a home for the superintendent. Boldin also dedicated himself to educating the boys through trades training, Future Farmers of America, farming and animal programs.

Ellen Boldin was dedicated to the boys at the Ranch and the overall success of the ministry. She tutored countless boys through their school years, sometimes teaching the very basics like reading. She shared her husband’s passion for children and dedicated her life’s work to making a difference in the lives of boys at the Ranch.

Charles and Ellen Boldin
Upon his retirement, Boldin helped out at the Ranch in the woodshop constructing the famous birthday banks churches use to collect Birthday Offerings for Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children.

Centennial Hero

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