Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


1943 to 1952

Frank Phillips

Frank Phillips, of the Phillips Petroleum Company and the Phillips Foundation, gave a generous gift to the Home.

Judson Cook

Judson Cook served as field representative for the Children’s Home. Cook worked collecting donations for the Home until 1953, when he filled the position of Administrator of Boys Ranch Town, Edmond.

Private Kenneth C. Hall

A resident of the Oklahoma Baptist Orphans’ Home from 1926-1935, was a radio operator during World War II.

Shirley J. Ross

Shirley and her sister found love and attention in the arms of “Mama” Betty Bishop, who cared for the children in the nursery.

The Birthday Offering

Many churches continue to use the banks weekly.

Care 'N Share Newsletter

This is the birthday of a new child called CARE 'n SHARE.

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