Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


1933 to 1942

H. Truman and Alice Maxey

H. Truman and Alice Maxey, otherwise known as “Mom and Pop” Maxey, were married on May 6, 1932. Mr. and Mrs. Maxey, along with their 2-year-old son Paul, moved onto the 40-acre property in 1935, when Maxey became resident manager. Paul was soon joined by his brother Henry, then his sister Barbara in 1942.

Maxey took responsibility for the 135 children and eight adult workers who lived at the Home. They took a dilapidated building with more than 100 broken windows, a rusted-out water system, and a rat problem and turned it into a facility where children could grow up properly. The residents happily did their part, the boys digging and laying the new water system themselves and the girls helping grow and cultivate the food.

Maxey became the Executive Director of the Department of Child Care for the Baptist General Convention in 1956.

Truman and Alice Maxey
A young Truman and Alice Maxey, later known to many children as "Mom and Pop Maxey."

Under God’s leadership, Maxey worked a miracle for the thousands of orphaned and neglected children for whom he cared. In the 35 years he spent as an advocate for children, he managed to transform an orphanage into a children’s home and a charity into a ministry. Under his leadership, child care became a noble and note-worthy profession. Maxey received a Doctor of Humanities degree from Oklahoma Baptist University in 1956. He also founded and provided leadership for several organizations striving to improve the quality of life for children, twice representing Oklahoma at the White House Conference on Children and Youth.

Reverend J.A. Scott
Reverend J.A. Scott visiting the Orphans' Home on May 22, 1936.

The strides H. Truman Maxey made in the world of child care were great, but the strides he made in the hearts of the children who knew him were even greater. In the words of former resident Orville McDonald, “Dr. and Mrs. Maxey spent most of their lives helping improve the world by believing every child could grow into a valuable, productive adult and by making sure each and every child had reason to believe in their worth as a human being. The world is better because of the contributions of the Maxeys.”

Mr. Maxey invited Reverend J.A. Scott to visit the Orphans’ Home on May 22, 1936. They shared a lunch with children, then visited about Scott’s memories of the Home’s beginnings. Scott talked about the beaming faces of the first two babies for whom they cared, Annabelle and Gladys. He stressed much credit was due to Mrs. Scott, who helped in the Home and visited churches and associations in Indian and Oklahoma Territories.

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