Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


1933 to 1942

Dan Curb

Dan CurbOne of Oklahoma’s most dedicated Baptist preachers, Dan Curb, took the job of field representative in 1930. It was a necessary and unique job to supplement the Home’s food supply. People had no money to give, only foods produced with their own labor. Oklahoma Baptists were willing to divide their living with the children. Dan began his work at the onset of the Great Depression, and throughout the 1930s his work gained momentum and popularity.

Traveling across the state in a large truck, Dan visited churches, stayed in people’s homes, and collected items like sand plum jelly, canned beans, vegetables, meat, dried fruit, and eggs.

girl spelling out EGGS with eggsWhen given a quantity of canned goods, he simply gave back to them an equal number of jars to collect the next time. Dan Curb drove his truck for more than 15 years, and donations continued until 1949.

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