Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


1923 to 1932

Betty Bishop

Betty Bishop has spent a lifetime surrounded and supported by the loving arms of Oklahoma Baptists. After Betty’s father died, her mother worked taking in clothes to be washed and gave from her meager earnings to help support the Orphans’ Home. In 1930, when her mother died, Betty was orphaned at the age of 13.

When Betty came to live at the Home, there were already several young girls named Betty. Betty Bishop soon became known as “Little Betty.” She spent 12 years at the Home under the care of administrators Mr. and Mrs. H. Truman Maxey, whom she refers to as “two of the greatest people.”

Miss Betty Bishop & her class
Encircled above: Young Betty Bishop in 1930.

The deep love and selfless concern of the Maxeys prompted Betty to work for the Baptist Children’s Home in 1942. “Little Betty” soon became known as “Mama Betty” and began to care for children who, like herself, had experienced heartache. Over the years, many children stole her heart and made her laugh, like the boy with the “night problem” who awoke every morning and told Mama Betty he had “sweat” in his sheets or the girl who asked for money for the “confession stand.”

Mamma Betty made a profound impact for Christ in the lives of more than 600 children while serving as an assistant housemother, a cook, activities director, infirmary worker, and full-time housemother. Betty Bishop gave 47 years of her life to service in the Baptist Children’s Home before her retirement in 1982. She is an example of how investing in children in the name of Jesus is a worthwhile and fruitful endeavor, producing loving adults who give back and give their all.

Miss Betty Bishop, 88, passed away August 27, 2005.  She was a child at the Baptist Orphans Home coming at age 13, then served over 40 years as a houseparent. Her services were held at the Guardian West Funeral Home on August 30. Read the story she told to The Baptist Foundation, "How Much Should One Give Back" a few years ago.

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