Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


1913 to 1922

Funds Raised by Selling Mirrors

Funds for the children at the Orphans’ Home were creatively raised by selling mirrors for 10 cents each as fundraisers for children at the Orphans’ Home.

Purchasers could glance at their own reflection and have a photograph of a sweet child from the Home.

The back sides of the promotional mirrors showed babies from the Orphans' Home.

Mirror to raise funds for the Baptist Orphans' Home

From "The Two Became One" by Bob Ross (2005)

Beginning in 1936, the convention encouraged churches to take a Thanksgiving/Christmas Offering for the Oklahoma Baptist Orphan’s Home.  This annual offering emphasis continued until 1949, when a different approach was taken so it would not conflict with the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for Foreign Missions. The "One Day Pay Offering" encouraged Oklahoma Baptists to dedicate an amount equivalent to one day’s salary to the Orphan’s Home. This offering emphasis was discontinued in 1965, and the "Mother’s Day Offering"  for Child Care began in 1971.20

Among other creative innovations to raise funds for the children was the selling of tiny hand mirrors for ten cents apiece. On the front side of the mirrors were photographs of children from the home. Another fundraising technique included the distribution of little red stockings printed on cardboard with ten dime-sized slots. As they were filled by children’s Sunday School classes and returned to the home, other empty red stocking cutouts would be sent to the classes to be filled again. In the 1960s, trading stamps were the rage of the day, as shoppers collected them in quantities and used them to buy certain items of value. In 1966, WMU societies gave enough trading stamps to purchase a pick-up truck for the home, valued at $2,175. The next year, the women donated 2,500 trading stamps and church Brotherhood organizations matched their gift with $2,500 in cash. The two together were enough to purchase a bus for the home. By the 1980s and ’90s, capital campaigns were conducted statewide to raise money to build buildings and make other improvements to the campuses.21

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Your gifts help provide hope and homes for children.