Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


1903 to 1912

Miss Winnie Mitchell

Miss Mitchell was the first permanent house matron of the Orphans Home.
First home
Winnie Mitchell, house matrons and children at Orphans' Home on West Pottawatomie Street

The first permanent house matron of the Orphans’ Home was Miss Winnie Mitchell. She later served as home superintendent from 1903-1906. She was known to share with others in need, even though her salary was only $3 a week.

Scott's words from "The Child Care Ministry of Oklahoma Baptists" by J.M. Gaskin:

The Home had grown to nine children. Mrs. Purcell’s health failed and Miss Mitchell was made permanent matron. Three weeks later, at a Board meeting, she was given permanent charge of the Home. Then Miss Mitchell’s salary was raised to $5 a week and she served about five years (it was probably about three instead of five years) as superintendent from 1903. Dr. E.D. Jeter was elected superintendent and served one year. The forty acres of land was purchased under my administration and the basement foundation of the present building was laid. In 1906 we had thirty-one children. Miss Mitchell and Mrs. Scott carried them to the Assembly at Sulphur (forerunner to Falls Creek), Oklahoma, and other points. During the first two years of Miss Mitchell’s administration there were frequently from five to seven bottle babies and she had but one regular helper at that time.

Miss Mitchell left the home at the time she married W.A. Everett. The Home was controlled by W.A. McKinney at that time and a Board of directors. Then the State Convention (BGCO) in 1915 took over the management of the Home under the direction of J.C. Stalcup, superintendent of Missions (Corresponding Secretary).

As for Miss Mitchell, the world will never know, and but few Baptists know, the sacrifice she made for the Home. She has never been given her dues in the Baptist press for her sacrifice financially, socially, and in a business way. She was a fine business woman. To these two women, Mrs. JA. Scott and Miss Mitchell, humanly speaking, is largely due and planting and maintaining of the Home for several years. I tried to lay it on the hearts of Baptists of Oklahoma, and as they learned about it they graciously supported its interest. Many more children could have been received had the finances justified it.

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