Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


1903 to 1912

Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Scott

(James Allen Scott and his wife Theodocia Gresham Scott) Scott was elected superintendent and manager with the power to open a home and employ help as he thought necessary.

Gladys Smith and Annabelle Hunt

Gladys and Annabelle were the first two children taken into the Orphans’ Home.

Miss Winnie Mitchell

Miss Winnie Mitchell was the first permanent house matron of the Orphans’ Home.

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and Woman’s Missionary Union

“Sunbeams” was an organization for young children to teach them about Baptist missions. The Woman’s Missionary Union led the classes, and they included children living at the Orphans’ Home.

New Property

The new property, purchased in 1907 at NW 63rd and Pennsylvania Avenue, was seven miles outside Oklahoma City limits.

William McKinney

William McKinney served as superintendent from 1907-1915.

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