Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children

James Browning

stories from the book
by James V. Browning

My Hero

Shawn Amadeus Dickey

My Hero was the sinless man,

Following God's perfect plan.

I want to tell you the real story

Of His rise and fall to show God's glory.

At His last supper, my Hero said

"Before next week, I will be dead,

One of you will desert me,

Not for spite or just to hurt me.

Silver talents will make you blind.

And through the money you will find

That My dirge song will be sung.

And by yourself, you will be hung."

So Judas set him up, you see

For money from the Pharisees.

And when He came to the crowd to speak,

Judas kissed Him on the cheek.

And jailers took Him away,

Waiting for Pontius Pilate to say

Whether He should live or die

In place of Barrabas, some-so-what guy.

And on a hill he was crucified.

They not knowing it was for them He died.

And at that moment, God turned His face,

He was filled with the sin of the human race.

And on the third day, He came again

To wash all humans clean of sin.

That is why I believe in

The Man who fell and rose to glory again.

And it's pure and simple, clear as ice,

My Hero's name is Jesus Christ.


Age 13, Baptist Children's Home, Owasso

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