Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children

James Browning

stories from the book
by James V. Browning

Sam Loved the Home

Sam Bass

Sam was living in Walters with an uncle. When that family left Oklahoma, Sam was sent to the Children’s Home at age 9 in about 1931.

Sam loved the Home, the Maxeys and all the kids that lived there. He was much closer to the children in the Home than his own blood brothers and sisters.

Sam left the Home in 1941 to join the Navy. He always spoke of the Children’s Home as “home” and enjoyed going back for visits.


Why are you waiting?

Come home, come on home

We are having a reunion

We want you to participate

Come on home, Come on home.


Some of you have never been

Some have never come

Only Heaven knows when

We’re having a reunion

Come home. Come on home.


Know what’s happening July 4th?

Realize we will have great fun

There’s Mom and Pop, Thomas, Orville,

Bettye, Nan, Beatrice, Sam and Jonnie

and many more, Come on home.


There’s fried chicken to eat

Cold drinks, potato salad, all you can eat

We’ll have a great time with kids we meet

You can tell us then what’s happened to you

Come on home. Come right on home. . . .Sam Bass

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