Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children

James Browning

stories from the book
by James V. Browning

A Life Well Spent

Joan E. Butcher

It is very hard to put into words what Mr. Browning has meant to me, but I think of how many children he has loved and helped over the last 50 years and I am truly amazed. Mr. Browning is such a unique, godly man.

I want to share how Mr. Browning came into my life when I was in the 8th grade. At Foss, Oklahoma, where I lived, there was a family of nine children that had lost their mother in death and had an alcoholic father. These nine children were eventually taken to the Baptist Children’s Home.

When I entered Oklahoma Baptist University in 1960, one of those nine siblings, named Rachel, became my roommate and close friend for four years. Many weekends, we would make it to my home to stay with mother and daddy in Burns Flat, but there were times that we would go to the Baptist Children’s Home for the weekend. The guest bedroom was always available for us, and Miss Huffman always made us welcome.

As soon as we arrived on campus, we would head to Mr. Browning’s house to visit with him. He and Rachel had a special relationship. Whenever we asked, Mr. Browning would let us borrow his car to go get a coke—that shows you what kind of a man he is!

During those four years at OBU, Mr. Browning was always there for Rachel. It was hard for me to imagine having 150 to 200 children to love and care for, but he did it splendidly!

Now 30 years have passed, and Mr. Browning is still loving and caring for our children. God has enriched my life by placing Mr. Browning back into it. The last four years, I have had the privilege of being Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. There I see him working with our college-age children and serving as assistant to our president.

Mr. Browning is a man to be honored and praised for what he has done with his life. Thank you, Mr. Browning, for giving your all to others.

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