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James Browning

stories from the book
by James V. Browning

How God Blessed My Life

James Harris

On December 28, 1976, in McAlester, James Guthrie Harris was born to parents, Beverly and James Harris. Things could not have been better. I had two of the most loving parents and family. No one knew what was really in store for this new-born baby or this family, but God had a plan.

As the years passed, the troubles began. My mother and father divorced, the family split, my two brothers and I went with our mother and my other brother and sister went to their father’s place. Our family was broken—my mother lost control of my two brothers and me as the years went by. We were in and out of foster homes, sometimes we went back to our mother just to be taken away again. 

Finally in October of 1986, the pastor of our church took us to visit a home in McAlester. This place was for kids with problems in their families and who were unable to stay with their parents.

“What was this place?” I thought. There were two people that cared about the lives of the kids that had no one to look to and depend on. The Baptist Children’s Home is an organization dedicated to making sure kids get the love and care they need. 

The Baptist Children’s Home took me and my brother in and gave us the love and care we so desperately needed in our lives. I stayed in the group home at McAlester for a little more than a year. After that, they placed me with a family which I would have an opportunity to become a part of and grow with.

Unfortunately, that was not God’s plan for me at that time. So about January of 1988, I was placed in the Baptist Children’s Home at Owasso. There I found nice people that soon became my friends and also, unknown to me, I would find the family I was waiting for and that God had planned to put me with.  March, 1988, it is Spring Break at school and I had no where to go. Finally this nice man and woman named the McElwains took me with them to spend Spring Break at their house. From that day forward, I knew that this was the family I was to stay with. After Spring Break, I started spending the weekends with the McElwains. Then my wish came true. They wanted me to come and live with them. It was a dream come true—a family that wanted to take care of me, love me and help me through life.

Well, it is 10 years later. I am 20 years old; I’ve graduated from high school where I majored in aviation and I hold a job with the Wordam Group. I could not have done this if it weren’t for the countless people who gave the time, effort and love to make sure I had every opportunity to succeed in my life and a career. But most of all, God was there and never once left my side. He is the one that was there to make sure I took the right path in life and took hold of the opportunities that I was offered. God has really blessed me and my life. He showed me people that cared and wanted to help me and show me along life’s road.

I have been told that I have surrounded myself with good Christian people, but to me, I think they saw a lot of potential in a young boy and wanted to see him make it in life. So, no, I did not surround myself, they surrounded me and protected me and I am so thankful. If this had not happened, I know I would not be where I am today. It scares me to even think what would have happened to me.

Thank you, Christian friends. Thank you, Oklahoma Baptists.

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