Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children

James Browning

stories from the book
by James V. Browning

A Testimony to the Effectiveness
of our Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Dear Margaret,

I know you may not remember me, but I remember your beautiful Christian example. In November of 1996, a friend drove me to the Center and there I met you. I was going to school at a nearby college and had a strong feeling that I might be pregnant. At the time I had no money, not even enough for a test. I looked up the Crisis Pregnancy Center in the phone book and asked a friend to give me a ride.

When I got there, you greeted me in a very kind way and showed me some interesting videos. I have to admit so many different feelings were going through me, but you assured me everything would be fine, because God watches over His children. I told you about my boyfriend back in Texas and how we were nervous to know the results.

The test came back positive and the due date was set for July 4, 1997. I went back home to be with my boyfriend; we later got married because we knew that we loved each other and it was the right thing to do.

My pregnancy went well and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on July 3, 1997. His name is Joseph Christian after his father’s first name and he is beautiful. He weighed 7 pounds, was 19½ inches long.

I give thanks and praise to the Lord for allowing me a wonderful precious child. And I also give thanks to Him for Christians like you. I vowed to myself I would write you and tell you how thankful I was for meeting you. You were a great help.

Thank you again, Margaret, and to the Center for helping me out. My family will never forget you and your kindness.

With love...

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