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Rhonda and Gil HarrymanRhonda and Gil Harryman

Gil and Rhonda Harryman began their ministry at Boys Ranch Town before they even started dating, and as God brought them together in marriage He has continued to use them to impact the lives of children.

Rhonda became familiar with BRT while she was in college and one Christmas break she took a young boy home to spend the holidays with her family and continued to welcome the boys into her family on the weekends. Gil was a rookie fireman when he first began ministering at BRT. It's been more than 26 years since Gil began spending time with the boys. He began by going one night a week teaching first aid classes to the boys and taking them mountain climbing and to various other activities on the weekends. This was just the beginning of many years of blessing and love given by the Harrymans. Gil is currently the Edmond Fire Chief.

Rhonda shared, "Not having biological children of our own, this means having children in our lives and has been the biggest blessing you can ever know."

Rhonda teaches at the University of Central Oklahoma in the College of Education, primarily Special Education. Rhonda states that after sixteen years in public school education and serving as Oklahoma's Teacher of the Year, she was challenged by many opportunities to speak to students, educators and administrators across the United States and Japan. Following this unique experience, it seemed a natural transition to become involved in the education and training of future teachers.

Gil lost his father when he was two years old and could have easily been in circumstances similar to what the boys experienced had he not had a strong network of support. He said, "I am glad to know that a place like the children's home would have been there if I had needed it."

Gil and Rhonda continue to provide love and encouragement while welcoming boys into their home for holidays and other times when the boys aren't in school. The love they have for the Lord and for these boys shines through every aspect of their life.

Gil and Rhonda Harryman have made a significant contribution to the present and future ministry of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, specifically Boys Ranch.  06-08-04

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