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John Mowery with a few Owasso campus residentsJohn Mowery

John Mowery is a longtime friend, donor, and volunteer with the Baptist Children’s Home in Owasso. As the former owner of the Mowery Funeral Services in Owasso, and as a deacon at First Baptist Church, Owasso, John is in a position of influence and has used this influence in a very positive way in promoting the Baptist Children’s Home, Owasso, and the Hope Pregnancy Center in Tulsa. Following John’s retirement, his son, Steve Mowery, became the owner and director of the Mowery Funeral Services in Owasso.

John is a long time member of First Baptist Church, Owasso. His wife, Dolly, served faithfully with him until her death in June, 2007. John has made the Owasso residents feel welcome and has made sure the students are included in most church activities. John and Dolly are known for providing flowers to the girls on the Owasso campus as well as hosting very special dinner events with the girls, with John being known as the “flower man.” John is a trustworthy friend in the good times and the bad, and has been faithful in assisting those needing help with funeral arrangements.

Tony Kennedy states, “John is very active with the Owasso Golf Tournament, Style Show, and other special events on the Owasso campus, along with the Tulsa Hope Pregnancy Center fundraising events. His consistent support encourages others to support OBHC’s ministry. He is a major contributor to the overall ministry of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, and his giving spirit and his love for children certainly qualify him for membership in the Gladys Smith Society." 05-21-10

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