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Bill and Gayle BuckGayle and Bill Buck

The Buck family has a big investment in caring for children. Since 1960, Gayle has spent countless hours providing love and guidance to children at home, school, church, the Baptist Home for Girls in Madill, and Boys Ranch Town, Edmond. Gayle is the recipient of the Thomas E. Roberts Award from the Southwestern Association of Executives of Homes for Children. Her nomination was brought about by Tony Kennedy and when Jerry Bradley, executive director of the Texas Baptist Children’s Home heard about it he said, "I can think of no one who has done more for children. No matter how clean, how dirty, or how difficult their plight, Gayle has opened her heart to them."

Gayle and Bill were married in 1957. Bill studied agriculture at Murray State College and then at Southeastern in Durant. Following graduation Bill was asked to run the dairy at Boys Ranch Town in Edmond. Gayle and Bill moved to the dairy with their 10-month-old daughter, Vickie, in 1960. During this time, they developed close relationships with the boys and still hear from some of them. They treated them as part of their family and included them in family gatherings. Their second daughter, Terry, was born during this time. The Buck's left the dairy in 1964 and moved to Madill where Bill worked in ranching and became the director of the Community Action Program. Their son Jirl was born in 1964 and Gayle stayed at home with the children.

In 1978 when the Baptist Children’s Home at Madill was beginning, Gayle's pastor asked her to consider working there, she did, and she never left, just changed job titles now and then, and currently serves as the Regional Development Representative.

The Buck family continues to be supportive of Gayle's work. Gayle's daughter has supplied as a houseparent on several occasions. Their son, Jirl, has donated livestock and labor and encourages others to do the same thing. Gayle’s sister has kept children in her home. Gayle’s father, Tom Caldwell, became an interim pastor after he retired, and when he was living, donated his salary to the Children's Home.

This family has plenty of love to share, and they are willing to share it with children who have a special need for it. They continue to have children join them for the holidays and vacation times.

They continue to be major contributors to the overall ministry of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. Their involvement and giving history and their love for children certainly qualifies them for membership in the Gladys Smith Society.  09-19-04

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