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The Gladys Smith Society

Everett and Karen Villines
Everett and Karen Villines

Everett and Karen Villines are active supporters of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. During good times and bad times in their personal life, Everett and Karen have consistently provided monthly financial resources in support of our ministry. They are faithful friends and committed for the long haul.

They have hosted families in their home for planned giving events as well as providing a strong leadership role in the Building a Brighter Tomorrow campaign.

Tony Kennedy, president of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, states, "Everett and Karen have been strong advocates for children during my tenure as president of OBHC. I feel like if I were to Google the word 'faithful,' a photo of Everett and Karen might pop up. For these reasons and many more, I recommend Everett and Karen to be recognized as members of the Gladys Smith Society."

The Gladys Smith Society was created in 1999 to honor individuals who make outstanding contributions to the ministry of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. The society is named in honor of Gladys Smith, the first child taken into the Baptist Orphans’ Home in 1903. 05-08-09

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