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Dr. Russell and Sue AdamsDr. Russell and Sue Adams

Dr. Russell and Sue Adams, of Edmond, Oklahoma, have come to develop a strong relationship with Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children over the last ten years. Dr. Russell is a clinical psychologist and researcher at the University Health Sciences Center and Sue retired following a career in the teaching profession.

The Adams began as volunteers and have grown to become passionate supporters of OBHC. Anyone who talks about the ministry with the Adams will see that their support comes from the deepest place in their hearts. This is because Dr. and Mrs. Adams believe it is what the Lord has told them to do.

Newly retired, Sue was asked to help shop with the children for the OKC Style Show in 2000. At the time Sue had no idea how quickly her heart would grow for the children and what joy she would receive from helping. As the Lord would have it, her role has expanded and she is now the volunteer coordinator for the shopping committee for the Style Show. She plays a vital role in the preparation for this important event and yet she still wishes that she could be doing more to help the children. It is in the nature of this couple to selflessly give and continually ask the Lord what he wants from them. Their willingness to serve is a testimony of the Lord’s love for the children at OBHC.

Together, the Adams give of their time and money in a way that truly honors the Lord. Their heart is for the education of the children staying in the home. Both want to ensure that if there is a desire, there is a way for continued education after high school, whether it be college or vocational training. In this new season of life, the Adams continue to pass on a legacy of learning that will hopefully continue for generations. 09-12-08

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