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Carl and Lucy Shank

Greg McNeece, Lucy Shank, Tony KennedyA former Marine and retired public school teacher of twenty-eight years, ninety-four-year-old Lucy Shank is a prayer warrior, a relentless soldier for the cause of OBHC and a cheerful giver to the organization as well. Surprisingly for one so dedicated to OBHC among other Baptist ministry efforts, Lucy was not raised in a Baptist church. The daughter of Mexican parents who left Mexico during the Mexican Revolution, Lucy was raised Catholic and remained a practicing Catholic up until and for a time during her service in the Marine Corps.

She is a financial donor and one of the unseen army of prayer warriors who petition the Lord regularly on behalf of the children and those who come in direct contact with them. Her OBHC prayer calendar collection is impressive, going back many years and occupying a place of importance in her home.

Lucy and her husband, Carl, met in the military at Camp Mathews in San Diego, California, where they married. They returned to Moore to raise their family and began attending a Baptist church where she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. Lucy, now a widow, moved to Edmond to live with her oldest daughter Cathy in November of 2015 and, finding herself within visiting distance of Boys Ranch Town, made her first campus visit in December. “It was so much fun!” Lucy says. “I specifically pray for the boys’ knowledge of Jesus Christ that it stays with them wherever they go.” Lucy hopes to return to visit BRT soon.

In the meantime, she continues to pray for OBHC, its employees and volunteers, and the children who live there. Lucy says, “I just want to do what I can to help the kids get everything possible out of their time at the Children’s Homes so they can become good citizens of the United States and good Christians who are strong in the Lord.”

Her consistent support, which encourages others in Oklahoma to support OBHC’s ministry, and her love for children are the qualifications for membership in the Gladys Smith Society. This membership is the highest award given by Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children to say “thank you” to people who make an outstanding effort on behalf of at-risk children in Oklahoma.

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