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Bob and Donna PeregrinBob and Donna Peregrin

Bob and Donna Peregrin have been faithful friends and donors of Boys Ranch Town for more than fifteen years. Bob is an Aviation Title attorney that specializes in filing title, finance and lease documents with the Federal Aviation Administration and issuing title opinions for aircraft, and Donna is a homemaker. They have two grown sons, Jacob and Sam, and they live in the Arcadia, Oklahoma, area in their dream home, a beautiful log cabin.

The Peregrins involvement with Boys Ranch Town began when they attended Waterloo Road Baptist Church. Their two sons were friends with many of the boys from the Mabee Cottage who also attended church at Waterloo. Bob and Donna also have been friends with Boys Ranch Town Administrator, Brent Thackerson and his wife, Lynda, for more than twenty years. Currently, the Peregrins attend church at Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Edmond. Bob and Donna attend numerous campus events for Boys Ranch Town and annually host the boys from the Mabee Cottage for dinner in their home.

“If each of us had the goal in life to be like Bob and Donna, the world would be a better place,” says BRT Administrator Brent Thackerson. “Bob and Donna have given generously to Boys Ranch Town for a long time, and we have been tremendously blessed by their financial support over the years. We have been able to open new programs and make many improvements because of their support,” says Brent. “I pray that God will bless this wonderful family for their love and support of our campus.”

This membership is the highest award given by OBHC to say “thank you” to people who make an outstanding effort on behalf of at-risk children in Oklahoma through the ministry of OBHC.

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