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Bill and Lee LaRue

Bill and Lee LaRue
Bill and Lee LaRue
, members of New Hope Baptist Church in Kingston, are active advocates for Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children in their church and community. “They have supported OBHC financially for as long as we have kept records,” stated Tony Kennedy, president of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children.

Bill and Lee have a very transparent fondness and demonstrate a deep love and affection for the girls at Baptist Home for Girls in Madill. This is demonstrated through their individual attention they provide as well as attendance at each of the activities that the girls participate in.

Encouragement of staff is one of the special ways that Bill and Lee involve themselves in the ministry, not just at the Home for Girls, but in their support of the mission of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. Faithfulness is the word that best describes the commitment and compassion Bill and Lee exhibit. Whether providing financially, encouraging individual girls, or serving as ambassadors to churches and community, we are proud to call Bill and Lee friends.

Their history of giving and love for children are the qualifications for membership in the Gladys Smith Society. Their consistent support encourages others in Oklahoma to support the ministry of OBHC.

This membership is the highest award given by Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children to say “thank you” to people who make an outstanding effort on behalf of at-risk children in Oklahoma.

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