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Alma and Gordon HendersonAlma and Gordon Henderson

Gordon and Alma Henderson are significantly involved in the present and future ministry of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, specifically Boys Ranch Town and the Oklahoma City Hope Pregnancy Center. Brent Thackerson, Ranch Administrator, stated, "Every time I talk to Gordon, he is always delighted to be of help in meeting the needs of the boys at the Ranch."

Gordon and Alma Henderson are long-time members of Village Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. He is a trustee for the Clyde Evans Trust which has benefited Boys Ranch Town and the Oklahoma City Hope Pregnancy Center through gifts to Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. Mr. Henderson is a well-known CPA in Oklahoma City. Alma has provided leadership in the Oklahoma City Baptist Children's Home and Boys Ranch Town Style Show.

Tony Kennedy stated, "It has been a privilege for me to know Gordon Henderson for many years. Gordon and I grew up in the small farming community of Elmore City. Gordon's reputation as a young man in high school was that of taking care of business and having a quiet and gentle spirit. It has been good for me to become reacquainted with Gordon and his wife, Alma, as they have invested in the lives of our children in a very significant way. Gordon continues to be a very thoughtful and gentle man. Alma is very enthusiastic and is a great encourager to everyone."

Their volunteer involvement and their love for children certainly qualify them for membership in the Gladys Smith Society.  09-15-06

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