Back to School

OBHC recognizes the important role teachers play in changing the direction of children’s lives, and teachers see first-hand the impact OBHC has on their students. Mr. Goodwin has been a middle school teacher for 30 years. Each year, he has 2-3 students from OBHC. He understands the direct link between broken homes and struggles in school.

Having the stability of OBHC helps these students concentrate on school work and be able to make education more of a priority.-Mr. Goodwin, Teacher

Would you consider supporting children this year as they head back to school?

As the new school year begins, your support provides children the resources they need for school on OBHC’s four campuses. A back-to-school gift provides the essential items needed to start school – new clothing, school supplies, shoes, coats, jackets, books, as well as the resources they get from living at OBHC to succeed in school.

Thank you for continuing to provide essential items needed to create a stable environment for learning.

“As a teacher for 30 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with students living at OBHC every semester. These students have a stability they did not have before. They have the consistency and love of houseparents, solid discipline, goal setting and a place to come home to every day. These are key to getting a solid education.”

-Mr. Goodwin, Teacher