Families Growing Closer During Outbreak

For families involved in the Children’s Hope program, experiencing the COVID-19 crisis has provided a much-needed time of rejuvenation. Because of the Oklahoma governor’s order to stay at home and OBHC’s decision to close campuses to outside guests, this has allowed families living on Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children’s campuses to have quality time together.

While many are struggling with work or financial worries, Children’s Hope mothers are able to rest assured their needs are still being met. Having this peace of mind and knowing they still have a place to call home, these mothers are able to focus on what matters most – their children. While many of the mothers still have responsibilities with school, here are just a few ways family members are connecting even more during these unprecedented times:

“The kids and I spend our days trying to stay as busy as possible. While I am busy with homework, the kids will watch movies, draw, do crafts, play with each other and also ask me lots of questions about what I’m doing. When it’s nice outside, we go out so Garrett (age 4) can ride his bike, Marlee (age 2) rides her Minnie Mouse car and I just walk. We play imagination games and just enjoy the nice fresh air. Rebekah (Family Advisor) has been really good at just being there to talk to and to help out with the kids when I need her. I have enjoyed this time of quarantine. Lots would say they can’t wait until it’s over, but if I could stay home with my kids every day I would!! It would be my dream job! You miss out on so much when you take them to daycare, and they miss us too. I know life will go back to normal one day, but for now, I’m going to be grateful for each day I have with my kids and not take this time for granted. It’s a blessing.”

Tara, Children’s Hope mother
Cohen celebrated his birthday while in quarantine.

Liam (age 3) said his time in quarantine has been “good.” He’s been “trying to watch movies and play baseball outside.” Liam and Cohen (age 2) have both celebrated their birthdays while in quarantine. While not ideal, these are memories they will never forget.

“For me, this time has been bittersweet. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to just sit back and enjoy the little things. Instead of the normal go-go-go routine, we get to relax and enjoy the time we have for a change. Keeping our same routine is basically impossible and I don’t consider that of any great importance right now. What’s important is that we make valuable memories and grow together as a family through this difficult time.”

Kristen, Children’s Hope mother

“I am so grateful to be safe and secure at OBHC during this pandemic. All my basic needs are met. Jacie and I truly are so blessed!”

Brooklyn, Children’s Hope mother

Even staff members and their families who live on campus and work directly with Children’s Hope families are taking time to reflect on what this opportunity means for family.

“What I do every day has changed. I get to see my friends (on campus) more now. I play more with my family. I am a little scared I might get sick but I feel safe here with my family.”

Lennon (Age 9), Staff Child
Moms and kids had a blast painting flower pots.
Moms and kids had a blast painting flower pots.

“I want to go to the store and eat inside of McDonald’s again. I miss going to my art lessons. I do get to play more at home because school work is done faster. I am not scared, just tired of it all. When I start feeling stressed, I like to climb trees or draw with my friends (on campus).”

Gibson (Age 12), Staff Child

“What an amazing thing to have the ministry of OBHC. There are families here spending time together and playing together who haven’t had the opportunity to do so in the past. I have shared the Good News and spent more time in the Word than before. The feelings of busyness are gone. I am enjoying this time spending more of it outdoors and having fun with family. I am ready for church and that is one thing I miss is gathering as a body.”

Tabitha, Family Advisor- Children’s Hope

Because of your support, you are continuing to provide a safe place for families and children who are struggling during these unprecedented times. Thank you for providing a place they can continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord and with one another to truly become the family God designed for them to be.

Children’s Hope was developed to help single moms, who may have limited or no support/resources, by providing an opportunity to develop a solid foundation for herself and the children in her custody. The goal of Children’s Hope is to help these families become productive and more self-sufficient by providing a safe, stable and nurturing place to live, while equipping, assisting and teaching important skills that assist both the mother and the children.