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May 2017

“I thank God every day that I have a place to live."

An Amazing Statement

Have you ever heard a statement that amazed you? I have. Two weeks ago a guest visiting one of our campuses had a conversation with two boys in our care. She told an OBHC staff member what one of the boys had said to her. Fifteen-year-old Josh* told her, I thank God every day that I have a place to live.

Have you ever heard a fifteen-year-old make that statement? His comment made a deep impression on the campus guest, and it has made a lasting impression on me. That simple statement tells you all you really need to know about Josh.

Blank Pages - An Unfinished Story

Josh’s life has changed dramatically since he came to live at OBHC. He is healing from his troubling past. He is learning there are people who can be trusted, and he is learning to trust God.

But Josh’s story is not finished. What will he write on the blank pages of his life? What will the future chapters reveal about his character? Where will the choices he makes today lead him?

Thanks to people like you, his life has turned the corner. Because of prayers and financial support, he has learned to trust in the One who can lead him in the right direction. Our faithful supporters are making an eternal difference in Josh’s life and the lives of many other children.

A Key Time

This summer, with your help, the children in our care will participate in activities where they can experience success. Josh is thriving in the animal program on campus. Some children will ride a bicycle for the first time or catch their first fish. Others will learn how to take care of an animal or ride a horse. Some will discover they have a talent for art or sports or music. Others will take their first vacation trip with their cottage family. Some will attend a camp or go on a mission trip. These experiences can help children establish relationships that lead to healing from past hurts.

You can have a hand in Josh’s future.

Your generosity will change lives! May we count on your support today?

God bless you,
Greg McNeece, President

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* Josh’s name and photo have been changed to protect his confidentiality.

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