Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


November, 2016

Your gift will make a difference and be a blessing to children. Give Now!

Already this year, the lives of more than 5,000 children and families have been blessed through our children’s homes, AfterCare, Hope Pregnancy Centers, LifeWize program and One Such Child foster care program.

Every time a life is changed by God’s grace through these ministries of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, those who support us have a hand in it. Prayers and financial support are vital to this ministry. We thank God for each and every one of our ministry supporters.

Without your help, many more children will face neglect, poverty or abuse. Without you, many single mothers and their children may still be desperately searching for a safe place to live. Without you, many will not choose life for their unborn child. With your support, many children in the public schools will learn to make wise decisions. You can touch lives all over the state.

Here is a message from a life that has been touched. Kaitlyn offers her sincere thanks to you when she says, “I can’t explain how grateful I am. The people here have made me feel wanted, and that was all part of God’s plan.”

A special message from Tony Kennedy, president:

Your gift this Thanksgiving season is so important to help meet the needs we encounter every day. This Thanksgiving is especially meaningful to me. After 32 years of service at OBHC, I will assume a new position in December as advisor to the new OBHC president, Greg McNeece. I am thankful for his passion and his obedience to God.

Your gift today will help many children have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I pray that God will bless you and your family with a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.

God bless you for being a blessing to others,

Tony Kennedy, president

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Look for us at the BGCO Annual Meeting, November 14-15. Visit our booth and get your free copy of our new book, Our Source of Hope. It is a book about Christmas at OBHC with stories about children, art by children and even videos. It is our gift to you!

A gift for you! "Our Source of Hope"

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Your gifts help provide hope to children and families.