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May, 2016

Make a life-changing difference for children today. Give now.

“I remember walking in and... I felt peace, like I was finally home.”

Somewhere in Oklahoma a child is calling for help, and you have the opportunity to make a life-changing difference for children.

Somewhere in Oklahoma there is a child who will find hope and a home because people like you care. You can make a difference for a child, perhaps someone like Pauletta.

“I lived with my mom until I was 12,” Pauletta explains. She didn’t have a will to live, really, so she didn’t care about much else, including me and my sisters. She was frustrated and angry and took it out on us.”
When Pauletta was 12, she went to live with her 22-year-old sister, but her hopes for a peaceful and happy home were once again crushed. “She wasn’t ready to be a mom,” Pauletta admits. “It was good for a while, but it didn’t last.”

Three years after moving in with her sister, Pauletta came to live at OBHC. “I remember walking in and putting my stuff down and feeling like I could breathe for the first time since I could remember. I felt peace, like I was finally home.”

Pauletta came to understand that she was not alone, and really never had been. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in August 2012 at Falls Creek. She says, “It changed things for me. I knew there was a reason I was here, a reason God put me on this earth.”

Pauletta is now 19 and is pursuing a career in health care. She recently completed training as a Licensed Practical Nurse. She is now pursuing an associate degree to become a Registered Nurse, a great accomplishment for someone so young.

Thank you for making a difference.

With your help, the children we serve will see the hurt and pain from their past replaced by hope and purpose as God heals their brokenness. Many will learn that God has a plan for them and will work all things together for the good of those who love Him. (Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28)

Your generosity will change a life! May we count on your support today?

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