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February, 2016

Rod Phillips: Trusting God Every Step of the Way

Rod and Donna Phillips

His smile widened and his eyes lit up as he reflected on that time in his life, remembering what it was like to see her for the very first time.

“During the end of college, I met a beautiful brunette girl who was a Christian,” Rod said. “She stole my heart and introduced me to the Lord.”

Rod was born in a small farming community in Littlefield, Texas, in the early 1950s where everyone knew one another. He has three older sisters, and his mother raised them. Rod’s father was an abusive alcoholic, and, because of that, the community ostracized the entire family. Rod said there was not community resources like there are today, which made things even more difficult for him and his family.

“My Boy Scout leaders had the most influence on me when I was younger; they were my father figures because my father wasn’t there,” Rod said. “They would work with me and teach me to be prepared, teach me how to work with other people and how to be in teams.”

Shortly after Rod received his master’s degree, he attended a childcare ministries conference, where Mr. James Browning, former assistant to the president of OBHC, spoke. Rod said he was intrigued, and he really liked that Oklahoma had a culture of the ministry and would take care of multiple needs of children and families.

“I talked to Mr. Browning after the conference about OBHC,” Rod said. “I was just so impressed.”

...Years ago, God used Rod’s Boy Scout leaders and his wife, Donna, to shape Rod into the Christian, driven, caring man he is today. Now, Rod allows Christ to use him to minister to others and enhance OBHC into the Lord’s masterpiece, giving Him the glory and trusting Him every step of the way.

Read Rod's full story here.

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