Christmas Traditions at OBHC

snowy Christmas village decor

At OBHC, we want children living in our care to experience the joys that Christmas has to offer. Whether it be singing Christmas music, reading the Christmas story together or baking treats, these traditions become a central part of the Christmas celebration. Each cottage has their own traditions to make them feel that they are part of the family of Christ.

Some children took time to reflect on new Christmas memories they’ve made at OBHC or what they are most looking forward to:

teenage girl holding a Christmas gift

“I like Christmas Eve when we drink hot chocolate while we drive around looking at Christmas lights.” Katie

“I really love the Drive-Thru Christmas Pageant and our cottage Christmas party because I love spending time together.” Krystal

“I like being able to give gifts to others.” Kaylynn

“Listening to Christmas music while putting up decorations in the cottage.” Jayden

teenage boy holding Christmas pillow

“I enjoy participating in the Drive-Thru Christmas Pageant and seeing how many people come.” Sergio

“I like singing Christmas carols at the parties.” Jaymie

“Opening presents on Christmas day and going to church.” Katy

This Christmas, please remember and pray for the children OBHC serves. Pray they grasp the story and magnitude of Jesus’ birth, finding their hope and joy in Him alone. As they celebrate the Christmas season, pray they embrace the fellowship of those surrounding them daily. Thank YOU for being an integral part of their growth, by providing support and constant prayer.

Merry Christmas!