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Drawn by Curiosity

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A young couple visited Hope for a pregnancy test. The Client Care Coordinator, who met with the couple, discovered they both have good jobs, medical insurance and two children. What would bring a couple with stability and resources to Hope for pregnancy services?

They heard about Hope on Facebook and were curious about what Hope does. What they didn’t know is Hope offers more than just pregnancy services. The pregnancy test visit presented an opportunity to discuss the couple’s spiritual lives. Before the appointment ended, they heard the gospel and the mom prayed to receive Christ. The father listened, and while he didn’t accept Christ, he left wanting to think more about what he heard. It was apparent God brought them to Hope knowing their greatest need was to hear the gospel!

Our five Hope Pregnancy Centers reported a combined total of 164 salvations in 2018. Praise the Lord!

How Will They Hear?

Have you ever wondered how men and women facing an unplanned pregnancy find out about Hope? The top ways might surprise you. Information marked on the “Request for Services” form, which every client fills out on their initial pregnancy test visit, reveals how they heard about Hope.

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When you have received good service or beneficial products from a company, do you tell your friends about it? Because of the positive experience men and women have at Hope Pregnancy Center, they tell their friends and family about the care they received. One woman’s written comment on her exit interview is reflective of what others have stated, “Keep doing what you are doing! I will recommend Hope!”


The other popular way people find us is through the internet. Hope’s website is broadcasted to thousands of abortion-vulnerable women through purchasing Google ads. One woman, planning to get an abortion, found Hope by doing a Google search for a free ultrasound. After discussing her options with a Hope volunteer, she chose to make a plan for adoption and now volunteers at an adoption agency to help others with their pregnancy decision. Potential clients are also directed to Hope’s website through leased space on billboards and bus benches. With strategically placed advertising drawing in more clients, more babies are rescued from abortion, and more men and women are spared the grief which often follows an abortion decision.

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