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Joy Roddy

A Volunteer with Ready Hands and a Willing Spirit

Last fall Boys Ranch Town was blessed by an answer to prayer that would be the beginning of our volunteer program. OBHC campuses manage all repairs and renovations using existing staff whenever possible. Their time is limited to mornings from about 8:30 to noon. From noon to 3pm the houseparents have “Quiet Hours” as their only personal time in their 24/7 jobs. The boys come home from school around 3pm, and the houseparents are on duty until the next day at noon.  Many times a repair may run later than noon, but that is a sacrifice of the houseparents’ time.

However, last fall BRT’s leadership knew that the list of projects waiting to be done would take much too long to complete by existing staff. Campus Administrator, Brent Thackerson, began to pray for wisdom and help to maintain and refurbish the buildings with which God has blessed us. God’s answer came in the form of a phone call from Joy Roddy.

Joy and her husband, Dave, have been involved with Boys Ranch for about sixteen years. Because they are longtime friends of BRT, her call was not a complete surprise, but even Joy was astonished to find that her question, “What can I do to help?” was an answer to Mr. Thackerson’s prayer. Joy took on the responsibilities as a volunteer “Volunteer Coordinator”, enlisted friends and fellow church members to help, organized those volunteers and even pitched in to clean, paint and organize the clothing room and the commissary.

Joy Roddy’s heart was tuned to hear the Lord and she answered that leading without hesitation. She has blessed us in so many ways and we are truly thankful for her ready hands and willing spirit. In honor of all her hard work and compassion, Joy has been named the Boys Ranch Town Volunteer of the Year.

June, 2014

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