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Ryan’s Sunny Day

By Jennifer Kloeppel

On Saturday March 7, Boys Ranch Town took several residents and staff children to the Oklahoma County 4H Show at the Oklahoma County Fairgrounds. The children brought six horses to show in several different disciplines. The children who participated are involved in the BRT Horse Program and Equine Assisted Training.

Ryan and SunnyOne participant, Ryan*, is under the guidance of Kove Beals, BRT Horse Program Director. Ryan had a unique opportunity to show a new mare that just arrived at the ranch.  Her name is Sunny and this was only their fourth time to work together. It’s very unusual to show an animal which is that new to our program but Ryan and Sunny bonded well and he wanted to give it a try. Ryan put Sunny through her paces in Halter Mares, Intermediate Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Trail, Barrels and Poles.

Since Ryan and Sunny had only worked together for a short time, he had no idea what her abilities in some of the classes might be. During Barrels he found out just how fast Sunny is! The look on Ryan’s face when he came out of the arena was priceless, the smile on his face lasted throughout the night! As he guided her through the drills he also discovered some of his own abilities.

Ryan has lived at Boys Ranch Town for about eight months and during that time, he has done very well with all the animals. In addition to helping with the animals in the Horse Program he also cares for his pigs. When a young man is given an animal to care for, they grow by leaps and bounds in their maturity, self-esteem, and self-confidence. They learn responsibility and the need to work together and care for others. In some cases, bonds are formed and relationships with the animal are instant. Ryan and Sunny have that kind of relationship.

Ryan and SunnyRyan’s confidence has grown because of his responsibility for Sunny and Sunny is blossoming because of Ryan’s watchful care. When a boy begins to see that he is more capable than he suspected, more caring than he knew, he begins to see that God has a plan for each of us and he begins to realize his part in God’s plan. Ryan and Sunny enjoy their connection and we look forward to seeing both of them continue to grow.

April, 2015

(Resident’s name has been changed to protect his privacy.)

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